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some "DAMNIT" moments I've had as of lately
1. Folded the comforter and took it back home last week, thinking that it would be in the 70's from there on out...boy what a mistake that was...DAMNIT!

2. Spent half of yesterday and the day before that music hunting while I should've been sleeping...DAMNIT!

3. Spent a quarter of yesterday and today shopping while I should've been studying...DAMNIT!

4. Some students o' mine decided that it would be fun to make a fanclub for me on facebook...DAMNIT!

5. My housemate just got a husky puppy a few days ago, and it wouldn't stop barking til the wee hours of the morning...DAMNIT!

Not much has been happening, although my weekly routines seem to have more variety to them these days. Chinese New Year, dinner with friends, and lots of snoooooow!

Despite the slushy weather yesterday, I had to take 2 exams. If anything at least they distracted me from the cold. One of my exams was a written one, so I was all hunched up for a straight one and half hour. Once I straightened up afterward, I felt this horrible pain shooting up my back. X_X

Other school shiz, the landscape architecture department finally found some candidates for a new department chair. Each of them is going to give a lecture (on what I don’t know), so the department student body can get a feel of what their L.A. vision is about. Apparently our opinions count, which is awesome, since we generally feel the opposite happens a lot. The process seems interesting, its not every day you see professors vying for the department chair position.

But yeah...snow...again V_V

2 strokes of luck
Not only did they cancel today's classes, but tomorrow's too. Well technically, the first two blocks are cancelled tomorrow, but I only have morning classes, so in short, no school! Yay! It's a good thing too, since I was supposed to have two quizzes today...

J. Gardens
I was checking school emails yesterday, when a side banner link thingy caught my eye. It had something to do with Japanese Gardens, so naturally my crazy studio professor who taught a course on said topic came to mind.

I clicked on the banner and sure enough, it led to a brief article about her research.
Bringing Calm to Alzheimer’s Patients with the ‘Secret Power’ of the Garden.

Unfortunately, the whole process seems easier said than done. What can I say, it ain't that easy designing an authentic feeling Japanese Garden.

Apparently said professor is also leading a 10-day symposium on Japan's historic gardens sponsered by the fine arts department of Kyoto University. I'm thinking of applying, it sounds fascinating. Plus, I can stop by Hokkaido and play on those Noguchi sculptures.

Yay for Groundhogs!
Apparently we have six more weeks of winter...booooooooooooo.

Dropped my boring colloqium class for Intro to Pre-Columbian, Mesoamerica, African, and Oceanian art. The professor is seriously disorganized, but the stuff looks super interesting.

And though it hasn't been a month since semester started, I have an exam on Friday. Wuuuuuuuttt? Oh well.

As for what else I've been doing, nothing much, though I did come across some interesting stuff when searching for architecture design exercises (cube deconstruction exercises to be more specific).



My Name is Batty!
Somehow I managed to get myself roped into teaching more classes this semester, so my hours have risen from the regular 10 and a half to a whopping 18 and a half. The students in these classes are older though, so it's less stressful. And by less stressful I mean they don't run up to you every 2 seconds asking what color the sky should be, or whether they picked the right shade of green for the grass.

Eh, I guess that also means I'm probably gonna drop the modern art class I'm signed up for. I feel like I'm starting to burn out more easily as each semester passes.

Some unrelated news, my dad found a bat in the upstairs bathroom jacuzzi (which has gone unused for a decade or so), flapping in the leftover water. No one knows how it got in the house. Dad scooped it out of the water with one of those large chinese-takeout soup containers. Since it was too cold to release him in the wild immediately we ended up leaving the container near a vent in the basement so it could recieve some nourishing darkness and heat!

Here's the best photo I could sneak of it, without majorly disturbing the little guy. It's mousey ears are so adorable. And yes, its hanging upside down in regular bat fashion.


The weather is supposedly going to be warmer tomorrow, so I'll be setting it free around noon.

First 2010 Post!
Finally, the year is over! 2009 (and 2008) wasn't a great year for me at all. So let's not dwell on that and instead, move foward! But if asked, things that will always remind me of 2009...

Plaid clothing!

And now some resolutions!

2010: Go outdoors more!
2011: Have enough stuff to compile a decent portfolio, Intern at a museum or gallery (by then), Graduate
2012: Work, re-study Japanese and Chinese, GRE's
2013: Work, Graduate school?
2014: Find work in Japan, China, Taiwan, or Singapore in that order!

Not your typical resolution format, but hey, the old one's never done much for me. Sure I'd start on some things, but at most they'd usually be only half complete by next year. :/

Part of the idea came from my dad kept asking me where I'll be in 3-5 years. Really, I personally don't see the point in answering. I'm a fickle person, so I'll change my answer every couple of months. I'm sure my dad knows this too, why else would he ask every couple of months?! >_>

Oh New Asian Food Market in Piscataway, Why Have You Forsaken Me?!
They stopped selling passion fruit green tea.

D: D: D:

Stupid body...make up your mind already!
For the past week I've been drifting in that gray zone between normal and sick. Some symptoms were definately there...sore throat and headaches, but no fever to set things off. As a result, I still went to most of my classes...

Some bigger things to think about before Thanksgiving (parties) rolls around.

1. Some answer to the questions the 'rents of other kids often shoot at you during the parties, "What are you going to do after you graduate?"

2. Whether or not I should take the portfolio design class next semester.

As part of my procrastination/escapism routine, I often go snooping around for grad school portfolio info and some design firm internship opportunities and contests...

and then I fall right back down again once I realize that the stuff I have now, really doesn't amount to anything.

So guess what I'll be spending winter doing...

It's Novemeber already?


Thank god the semester's almost over. After that I can finally stop taking those stupid 5 credit studios that suck up all my time and life.

This semester's studio was the neighborhood design portion. The project? Design a community in an abandoned quarry. Sounds easy enough, conceptually...but its taught by this jerk professor that everyone loves to hate.

It's funny, I haven't learned a damn thing about neighborhood design. I don't think anyone else in the class has either. We've all been raised in NJ...in the suburbs...mostly in communities that didn't have any character to begin with. Yet somehow, we're supposed to come up with designs that foster a great community. WHAT. It's such an infuriorating class...and all of us are burnt out.

Despite that there are other classes and events to keep my sanity...**coughEnglishArchitecture**

During the warmer days, I'd chill at Antilles field. It's a nice place, lots of grass, and a view of the horizon. If I have time, I'd also like to venture across Route 18 to see this Boyd Park.